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Plants and flowers categorized as annuals are those which finish their life process within one year. Most are belonging to warmer, tropical areas and do not endure cold fall and winter season temperature levels. A couple of sturdy annuals (like Pansies) can endure light frost. Yearly flowers are valued for their range, colours and growing routines– many flowering continually from the minute they’re planted till very first frost.


Take “eating-local” to the next level, with healthy food straight from your very own garden. Never ever question if something unhealthy may have been sprayed onto the food your family consumes. There’s no place much better than your very own fruit and vegetable garden to produce natural, scrumptious and ecologically accountable meals.


Herbs supply a few of the most essential plants in the garden and are valued for both their cooking and medical qualities. Most are grown for cooking, their enjoyable fragrant foliage and intriguing textures they give the garden. Herbs are also valued for their charm, making both appealing and beneficial pots and planters. Pick from a substantial choice and ranges and produce your very own premium garden.


At Green House 2009! Greenhouses, you will find a large choice of nursery items to enhance your lawn and gardens. Pick from cultivars valued for their flower or foliage color, or stock that draws in birds and wildlife. All our deciduous, coniferous, decorative and fruit nursery stock are grown here in Manitoba.